Saturday, July 20, 2013

TDF Pool Stage 20 Results: Quintana Gets His Day

The media sure loves an underdog. The way Phil and Paul were talking, Nairo Quintana lived in a shoe box in middle of the road and pedalled 10 miles uphill each way to school in the snow at 26,000 ft. above sea level. Now that he's in the Tour his family is huddled around the village TV in their ponchos, chewing their coca leaves and celebrating their tiny child beating the world before heading back to the fields with the 18 children in tow.

In truth, everyone knows he's only racing because his MMA career fell flat and he owes child support to his first two wives.

Big swings in the pool today. New outright leader Malaika Ulmi will hope to hang on tomorrow, but having the absent Bouhanni as one of her picks might leave room for John Pexman the Flexman to bring it home. We'll see.

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  1. I'm not sure I actually paid for this pool... Despite my temptation to move and change all my contact information to avoid Kyle and get out of paying, I figure I should probably pay up. This may open me up to lots of unwanted emails from Nigerian Princes, but who do I send my $ to?